Mezz 42 is high-energy, high-demand, high-sophistication. With access to the monon, various community events, and the theater, Mezz 42 is the perfect location for a new generation of professionals or mature active adults. If you live at Mezz 42, you’re living the good life.

Mezz 42 is an exclusive opportunity to have it all. Whatever you enjoy doing, Mezz 42 puts you at the heart of it.  This unique access paired with the comforts and luxury of these boutique apartments homes makes Mezz 42 a place where it is easy to just be you.
Anything you want is less than 42 steps away.  Feel the energy of Mezz 42, boutique living in Carmel at the Palladium.  The exclusivity and sophistication of Mezz 42 will elevate your lifestyle.  Living at the Mezz will revitalize your days and invigorate your nights.